Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

I have, for months now, been traveling around the Tyler area meeting new people and helping them keep their homes. My name has been on a list that the city's code enforcement officers turn to when a citizen is at risk of being fined, but cannot help themselves solve the issue. This means, these people call for my help to tackle to mess. 

This can be such a rewarding experience. It is also heartbreaking, at times. There are times when you can feel how lonely some of these folks must feel. They have no one, but a stranger to turn to in their time of need. Isn't that what we should be doing for each other? Shouldn't you be able to turn to your neighbors when in need? Doesn't it take a village to raise an individual? What I see more often are a lack of interest in giving a hand or neighbors that scowl down on the "weak". 

The misery of watching your world crumble around you while your community members simple watch, is a drowning situation. Some of these people completely have not got the finances nor the physical ability. Instead of having a support system, they are subjected to court appearances and fines. I completely understand the system and have no issue with the code nor the enforcement. I completely agree. My complaint comes from the lack of fellow citizens stepping up. There are many churches, local businesses, neighbors, and charities that have a well staffed and mildly worked group of landscapers wizzing past a person in need on their company owned golf carts. Can we not, all of Tyler, come together and give a clean slate to someone that lives near us? Shall we continue to allow them to decay by themselves, surrounded by a problem larger than the best of us could tackle? 

Won't you join me in the task of reducing this burden? Can you afford to donate two hours a week to lend that helping hand? 

Nora's GOOD Birthday Party

Nora's GOOD Birthday Party

We we like doing good, we love parties, and we think every party is more fun with great pictures, so we put it all together with this new idea!  

If you donate your birthday to The Worthy Ones you can expect:

  • Awesome photobooth to commemorate your crazy-great party.
  • A nifty, custom-made flier so your cool friends know what donations to bring in lieu of gifts.
  • Photos edited and posted online so everyone can see how cool you are.
  • The feeling that you did something great by raising donations for local people in our community.