"For Melinda" Halloween Fundraiser 


Melinda Lewis was the queen of halloween. in her honor, we aim to help others affected by cancer.

Halloween is about more than giving just candy.

We aim to gather donations and aid for those affected by cancer. These donations will go directly to those in need. 

Donations will be gathered that can help in everyday needs, that can become cumbersome when going through all that comes with cancer. Groceries, bills, and many aspects of life can become too much. Let us help.

To nominate a family, or find out more on how you can donate, simply fill out the form below. Please, let us know why you you are nominating someone. We will contact you with more information. 

What is new for the 2019 fundraiser…

Recipient Poster.jpg

Meet 2019’s recipients of this fundraising:


Ezra is only three years old and battling Leukemia, he was also diagnosed in April of this year. His father is in Houston working and his mother is taking care of Ezra and his three siblings alone. She has had to take him to very often appointments in Dallas, including while she was pregnant with her most recent child. He is unable to play and even eat at this moment, and lives not being able to understand why he can’t just be a child.


Teresa was diagnosed with anus cancer in April this year. She has rung the bell, but is not out of the woods yet. She is still undergoing cancer testing and some treatments. Due to her weakened state and pain levels, she is unable to work at the moment.