Have you noticed that bus stops are sizzling hot in the Summer?  With no access to water, our neighbors were hot and at the risk of dehydration. 

So we asked the community for water coolers, and they came through in a big way!  We also had huge help from local businesses like Morrison Supply, Derrick White, Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ, Net Health, JP Stanley Construction, Tinderbox Design and Nora Schreiber.

We need your help stocking coolers with the donated water and ice.  

We do this every Summer.

"For Melinda" Halloween Fundraiser 


Melinda Lewis was the queen of halloween. in her honor, we aim to help others affected by cancer.

Halloween is about more than giving just candy.

We aim to gather donations and aid for those affected by cancer. These donations will go directly to those in need. 

Donations will be gathered that can help in everyday needs, that can become cumbersome when going through all that comes with cancer. Groceries, bills, and many aspects of life can become too much. Let us help.

To nominate a family, or find out more on how you can donate, simply click 'Get Involved'. 


Good Birthday Party

Birthdays happen every year, but what defines them is how you celebrate. Instead of getting things you don't need, get gifts that GIVE. At The Worthy Ones, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people in our community, and we want to kill two birds with one stone.  

We we like doing good, we love parties, and we think every party is more fun with great pictures, so we put it all together with this new idea!  

If you donate your birthday to The Worthy Ones you can expect:

  • Awesome photobooth to commemorate your crazy-great party.
  • A nifty, custom-made flier so your cool friends know what donations to bring in lieu of gifts.
  • Photos edited and posted online so everyone can see how cool you are.
  • The feeling that you did something great by raising donations for local people in our community.

Have A GOOD Birthday!

Bring people together to celebrate you AND do good for your community by letting us help!  

It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Call 903-520-3436, let us know when and where your party is going to be, so we can put it on our calendar.

2. Use the flier we create to invite your friends and let them know what donation to bring.

3. Enjoy your party with a photo booth, and a feeling that you done good.

See What GOOD Parties We've Been Having!

Have a GOOD Party Of Your Own

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Sock Drive 


Helping keep feet comfy...

This marks the second year for the Sock Drive. We encourage others that can, to donate what they can. Last year over 200 pairs of socks were donated to those in need. We aim to make a larger donation every year, including 2017. 

Socks and monetary donations are accepted in any size. Please, help us help someone keep their feet warm in these colder winter months. 




Diapers, Toothbrushes, Tampons, Shampoos, Soaps, Combs and many other toiletries that we take for granted are often in short supply at local assistance agencies.  We saw the need and decided to restock their toiletry shelves with a Rubber Ducky Toiletry Drive.  

Members of the community rallied together and gathered:

  • 144 Toothbrushes
  • 300 Razors
  • 26 Lip Glosses
  • 750 Baby Wipes
  • 350 Diapers
  • 150 Toothpastes
  • 300 Pads
  • 500 Tampons
  • 500 Soaps
  • 144 Combs

AND a landslide of shampoos, lotions, deodorants, and toilet paper rolls!

The donations were given to PATH in Tyler to distribute to our neighbors who need them.

Help us gather needed items.

Our Rubber Ducky Drive takes place in April each year.


ivebeenthatgirl is a project by Nora Schreiber.  You can see more of her work at www.noraschreiber.com

I've been that girl...

Tell me about a time when you felt alone, brave, small, inspired, different, wild, misunderstood, loved, accepted, betrayed, overjoyed or invisible.  

Your stories deserve to be known.  You deserve to be known.

(Your stories are published anonymously...no one will ever know who you are...not even me.)


People were standing by bus stops, because there were no places to sit.  We thought they might be tired, so we brought them white chairs.  

On these white chairs, we printed words, reenforcing the Worthy Portraits.  Our goal is to remind passers-by that they are worthy, and to remind them that others are worthy as well.

Big thanks to Hogg Middle School and all of the other individuals who donated chairs for this project!

Do you have wooden chairs lying around?  We want them!


Artist, Nora Schreiber looked around and saw worthy people, but noticed that the world didn't always share her opinion.  She started this project to see if she could create a forced positive first impression.

First Impressions rule the world.  What lies under the surface?  Who are you misjudging?  Take a new, fresh look at the people around you with our Worthy Portraits.

Worthy Portraits introduces you to people from different areas of life with a positive word that describes each person specifically.  With this project, we hope to give you a glimpse of who these people are, and not just what they look like.  

The portraits were displayed at the locations below.
Sunshine Records

Tyler Public Library

Ruse Rudman Park

City Park

The Goodman Museum

For more of Nora's art, please visit...

Charity Garage Sale

We all have stuff.  Things that are still good, but aren't your favorites anymore.  Don't let them lurk in your life.  Clean the clutter by donating it to our Charity Garage Sale. 

If you own a business, we can accept your donations as well.  Past corporate donors include: Liberty Theater, Tyler Museum of Art and Geek World.

We have a few charity garage sales each year.  

For dates, or to donate items...