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I knew my him for over ten years. We even dated for a little while in college.

After being married, having kids, divorcing from a toxic and abusive relationship, I prayed every day for a soul mate that would be a partner and want the same things in life. I have so much love to give.

Then, one day, my friend asked me on a date. I said yes, but I was inexplicably nervous. I arrived in time, but sat in my car for 35 minutes before gathering the courage to go in. Then, I sat on the waiting bench for another 15 to get the courage to join him at a table where he'd been waiting for an hour.

The moment we met eyes, I KNEW this was serious stuff. And I knew HE knew. And we both KNEW. It was almost laughable because I never believed in instant love nor had I considered him more than a friend since our brief tryst many years before.

We married 3 months later. It's been three years, and despite what sounds to be an impulsive move on our parts, we still KNOW. Our marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to me or our children.