In the Cafe

Some friends and I were busily chatting while we worked on our laptops. A friend came in needing a hug. She was having a rough couple months, and we already knew the details.

But this time you could tell the stress of it all was emotionally ripping her apart. Ive been there, in almost the same situation. I know we all learn at our own paces, but just hoped I could help her avoid some of what I knew would come.

I was very open with her about how Ive found a way out of that type of situation and what she needs to do. She didn't hear a word I said. Just brushed it off like the crumbs from her muffin. That actually really hurt.

I guess she only wanted to complain, but maybe after it all falls apart she will remember my advice and be stronger next time.

I just hope I wont let it hold me back from giving advice again.........