In My Bed

I went out with some friends one night. It started out great, I was having fun. I met a guy through some friends. He was nice. He wasn't what I would normally go for, but something threw me in his arms. My ex showed up at the same bar we were at with a new girl. He had told me he couldn't be with me because he couldn't date anyone at the time. So lying!!!

I started to drink more to feel better. I drank too much. I ended up with the guy in my bed. We were leading to having sex, so I grabbed some condoms. I gave them to him. Even as drunk as I was, I was trying to be safe. I was so drunk. So drunk. He and I slept together twice. I was awake both times, but after he left in the morning I really woke up.

I felt horrible. I felt like a slut. I was so ashamed. Then, I got scared. I looked on the floor and found the condoms I gave him unused. I had to deal with going to the store and getting Plan B. I am now terrified that I have an std because of him. Why would he do that?

He did not rape me. Though, people say that if someone is too drunk to really have a clear head that it can be rape. He did take advantage of me. Why wouldn't he just wear the condoms!!!