Tired and Completly Responsible With a Human Only 2 days Old

My son has only one more year in single digits, yep he just turned 9. Time is tricky like that. Its made me think back over the past years, wondering how I didn't notice the months passing by. I realized I need to enjoy them more, and take time to come back and remember the great ones. The moments where life caused me to be filled with awe.

In all of my memories from the past 9, one jumps out at me and made my entire soul smile :D. I was exhausted, and completely responsible for a human who was only 2 days old. He was tiny, and precious, but eating every 20 min...............and I was bent set on feeding him the very best nature had to give him. I had help from my sweet husband and parents, but lets face it they just didn't have the tits needed...........which is what my baby was crying for like an alarm clock.

Since my husband doubles as my second brain/best friend (sorry ladies I stole him before you could find him.) he decided to find me a much needed break before I broke. We just happened to be staying at a beach house (long story but we lucked out with our parents teaming up to help out and be near us that first week), and I had YET to see the water, let alone get outside.

He secretly arranged for the grandmas to watch our little guy, and before I knew what was going on I was whisked outside on the beach with a clear night sky of stars. It was one of the most peaceful moments of my life. It was only for like 5 min but its still clear as day 9 years latter :)

I'm still that girl, despite time playing its tricks, and cherish finding more moments of AWE.